How Long After a Foreclosure do I Have to Move Out of my Home in Alabama?

In Alabama you have ten days after the foreclosure to move out in order to preserve your legal rights. If you move out within that ten day period Alabama law gives you the right to buy back the house for the amount that you owed at the time of the foreclosure. This is called a right of redemption. If you are not interested in trying to buy the house back or are unable to do so then you may have longer. You should begin looking for a place to live when you are first informed of the foreclosure especially when there are children involved.

If you don’t move out promptly after a foreclosure it is likely that the mortgage company will send you a written notice to vacate and then file a lawsuit against you called an ejectment action. The ejectment action will likely result in the Sheriff coming to your home and moving all of your personal property onto the yard. Although there are stories of people living in their homes for months after a foreclosure you certainly don’t want to risk ending up homeless so start preparing now.

Foreclosure is a terrible situation to face and I have helped many people in the past few years and written articles about the best ways to prevent a foreclosure. However, it is up to you to start preparing for the loss of your home once it becomes clear that the foreclosure will happen. There comes a time when you have to walk away responsibly.

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