Real Estate

James A. Johnson, P.C. has handled hundreds of real estate transactions for clients over the years.  One of the most important principals in Alabama real estate law is that all transactions involving real property (i.e. land and buildings attached to the land) must be in writing in order to be enforceable.  Therefore, it is crucial that when you are dealing with a real estate transaction, even if it is with your brother-in-law, you must get experience legal advice and make sure the transaction is reduced to writing to protect your legal interest in the property.

Real Estate Law

We have experience in the following real estate matters:

  • Drafting Deeds

  • Mortgages and Vendor’s Lien Deeds

  • Handling Property Sales and Closings

  • Real Property Purchase Offers

  • Residential and Commercial Leases

  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainer actions

  • Foreclosures and Redemptions

  • Property Owners Association issues

  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation

  • Utility Easements

  • Real Estate in Bankruptcy

  • Real Estate Development Contracts

  • Construction Contracts

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales

  • Adverse Possession

  • Property Line Disputes

  • Quiet Title Actions

  • Tax Sales and Redemptions

  • Other Real Estate and Property Matters and Litigation