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Legal Q & A

Q: How many days do I have to return a car after I buy it?

Q: What is a Youthful Offender?

Q: Who is responsible if a tree growing in my yard falls on my neighbor’s house?

Q: If I die without a Will does the State of Alabama get my property?

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Why is it so expensive to hire a lawyer?

The financial investment in the education that it takes to get into a profession like law can be enormous. Just like any other profession or occupation, the longer you do something and the more experience you gain, the better you become at it. Legal fees often reflect the experience level of the professional you are dealing with. You wouldn’t hire a heart surgeon who didn’t know where to cut would you?

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Who is responsible if I hit a horse in my car?

Under Alabama law the owner of the horse is not responsible for damages to your vehicle or injuries that you suffered unless he or she intentionally placed the horse on the roadway. Also, the fact that the owner may not have maintained or repaired his or her fences properly is not enough to show intent.

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